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This blog is a collection of ideas and work samples, loosely related to vfx and simulation. Areas of interest are computer graphics in general, effects simulation and volumetric rendering. More specifically, fluid simulation and rendering (FLIP, SPH and level sets), OpenGL, Houdini and Maya plugin development, and C++ and Python programming.

About me

At a recent hike with family in the Poconos, PA
At a recent hike with family in the Poconos, PA

I’m a 3D graphics software developer. Originally from Brazil, I obtained my Computer Science MSc. degree with an emphasis in Graphics at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, PA.

At Drexel, I worked under the supervision of Prof. David Breen. You can check out our work in level set morphing over here.

About this website

This website is statically generated using Octopress, which uses Jekyll, on top of a very modified Oscailte theme. All content is written in Markdown and \[\LaTeX\] and transformed to HTML using Pandoc. The HTML Latex is rendered using MathJax. Website is hosted on GitHub Pages.


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